Online Training and Certification

In 2004, the BAI pioneered online training and certification with its Six years later it added to its program offering with the mission to make it convenient for anyone with a desire to better themselves to gain access to the training they need to land the job of their dreams.

Fully revamped in 2012, the CB certification is designed for both aspiring and working bartenders to gain bar service, mixology skills, and career guidance completely online.

Certified Bartender® (CB)

Core Bartender training includes:

  • Key components and ingredients for making a great drink
  • Measurements and free pouring
  • Bar tools and equipment
  • How to make garnishes for perfectly dressed drinks
  • Classic cocktails, shooters, frozen, coffee and nonalcoholic drinks
  • Differences between lagers and ales
  • Spirits and how they’re made
  • Types of wine and how to serve
  • Ciders meads and sakés
  • Liqueurs, cordials and mixers
  • Safety and responsible alcohol service
  • Best practices in service and teamwork

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We are pleased to announce that enrollment is now open for the NEW Certified Wine Expert Course Modules! Students may now sign up to take the new 4-course modules and certification exam – by studying and paying for one module at a time.

Certified Wine Expert® (CWX)

Core Wine Server training includes:

  • Fundamentals
  • From the Ground to Your Glass: The Winemaking Process
  • Old World – European Wine
  • New World Wine
  • Wine Types
  • Tasting
  • Wine & Food Pairing
  • Serving Wines
  • Hosting Wine Events
  • Careers & Wine Industry Opportunities

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